Do you remember the custom Barrel Cake that we did for Saint Bernards Sophie, Cooper, Ava, and Kona’s 1st birthday?  (If you don’t, click here!)  Well believe it, there was another litter of these cuties who wanted to celebrate St. Sibling-style too!

Daisy, Sebastian, Kodi, Stanley, Baby, Sampson & Lady celebrated their 1st birthday paw-ty in early May with a get-together…just a fun birthday paw-ty, they thought!  Little did the know that they had some special custom Mini St. Siblings Barrel cakes waiting for them to gobble down!


The verdict?  Approved!!  “It was a hit with all of them and they all ate every last crumb. Sorry the pictures couldn’t be better but most of them ate their cakes in about 3 bites LOL.”  That’s what we like to hear!

Happy Birthday Daisy, Sebastian, Kodi, Stanley, Baby, Sampson & Lady!

If you are interested in ordering a custom cake or treat for your dog please contact us!