Ni Hao (Chinese for hello) pups! Have you looked at the moon lately? It’s almost a full moon!  In  Chinese culture this means one exciting and very yummy occasion… Moon Cake Festival!! I’m not sure about you but I have the biggest sweet tooth, and once a year my mom (Chinese side) will come home with the biggest moon cake and we would sit around the table cutting it up into little triangles and each person would get one piece.  Most of the time if there was extra pieces I would try my very best to grab it, because.. the youngest deserves it (duh!)  Together while we bonded  over the “sharing” our moon cake, our family would reflect how lucky we were to have each other, and for the good health.

This year my sister and I were so busy opening up our new store in Manoa that when my mom came home from grocery shopping in Chinatown and she reminded me that we’re eating moon cakes next week, it hit me…. if humans can eat moon cakes why can’t dogs too?!?!

So with the help of my mom and her amazing Chinese baking skills we’ve developed our “Howl at the Moon” cakes!  We still don’t put in any salt, butter, sugar, or preservatives so sorry pups.. no black sugar for you! But we do have yummy , sweet, and very purple Okinawan Sweet Potato fillings, as well as a Chicken-n-Poi outside shell.


Howl and the Mooncakes come in a pack of 3 for $5.

Our “Howl at the Moon” cakes are currently available to preorder online for pick up next week (Sept 16th-Sept 22nd), either at our store or at any of our farmers markets.  We will have some extras in the store, but preorders guarantee a treat!

On a side note: Thank you so much to our HDB Ohana for all your support and love.  On behalf of the sisters (and Chris), we feel so blessed and honored to have such supportive friends and family.  We literally could not have done it without you all.  Everyone who walks through our doors, or visits us at our farmers markets, or even the pups all the way across the ocean on the mainland, is part of our Hawaii Doggie Bakery family, so thank you for helping us build this family together. Xie Xie (Chinese for thank you)!