What will your dog do for a Woofle?


  • Do you have marked in your calendar the first week of the month as “Woofle Week”?
  • Have you experienced a temporarily out of control excitement from your dog as they wait for their “ice cream sandwich?”
  • Do you know what the green in the Woofle is?
  • Have you double checked that you didn’t drop a piece of Woofle on the ground because there’s no way your dog could’ve eaten a piece so fast? (But they did!)
  • In the past month have you bought 10+ Woofles?

If you answered yes to all of these questions, Congratulations! You are a Mega Woofle Fan.  Most likely you’ve stocked up on Woofles at the Hawaii Doggie Bakery Events, and save it for your dog only for very special occasions.  Your dog will do anything including cute faces, jumping on your lap, and tricks you’ve never seen before for a Woofle.  It’s possible you have a space in your freezer dedicated to your dog’s woofle stash.  Or perhaps you’ve even made some Woofles yourself.

Either way, you are not alone! My sister and I see new Woofle Mega Fans every time we sell those sandwiches. So in inspiration of your dedication towards making your dog happy, and to tempt you more the sisters decided… to start:



THE WOOFLE MEGA FAN CARD!  For every 9 Woofles your dog buys, you’ll get the 10th Woofle free!  Bring this card with you every time you buy a Woofle and your doggie (and wallet!) will thank you when you receive your 10th free Woofle.

Woofle Mega Fan Card begins first week of Dec, perfect time to stock up on those holiday treats!!  Woofle cards will be available at Farmers Markets and events this week!