What's up with the Woofles?

My sister and I literally do not know any dog that dislikes Woofles.  We’re considering making an album on Facebook entirely on what we like to call “Woofle Mega-Fans.” Woofle Mega-Fans are described as amazing owners who like to clean out the rest of our Woofle stash for their lucky dogs.  Usually conversations go something like this: “How many Woofles do you have?  Okay I’ll buy the rest of them!” Happens every time.

Since Woofles are so popular, we thought our next blog would be on Woofle education: everything you need to know about Woofles. Woofles to dogs are like ice cream sandwiches for humans.  The purple filling is made from a mixture of cream cheese and Okinawan sweet potato.  Having been a cheese fan since…. birth, I usually try to avoid making the Okinawan sweet potato cream cheese, because it’s dangerously ono. For those of you who love cheese and are looking for a little twist on your bagel, I highly recommend trying out your own blend of cream cheese on your foods, because Okinawan Sweet Potato is not just good for dogs, it’s great for humans too!

The two heart waffle-like shapes are made of a mixture of water, oil, baking powder, baking soda and flour.  Technically speaking, humans could eat the waffles, but our palettes are used to sugar, salt and butter, so the waffle might seem a little bland for our taste (we’ve tried it).

The one thing we like to educate our customers on is the green pieces that sometimes show up on your Woofle. It’s not mold! I promise! First time I made a batch of Woofles, I stored them all in the fridge and took them out half an hour later, and there was green all over!!  The green specks are a natural reaction from the Sweet Potato filling with the Woofle. Don’t worry it’s still okay for your dogs to eat! However, you should still refrigerate your pup’s Woofle if you’re not planning on feeding it immediately.  It still is cream cheese and there are no preservatives in our filling so we don’t recommend leaving it outside the fridge.

Fresh Woofles!


10 minutes later... getting kinda green!!


Half an hour later... so much green!!


And that’s it! So simple yet so yummy! So in conclusion: 1) Woofle Mega-Fans will be dutifully noted on our Facebook wall of awesome owners. 2) As tasty as Woofles look, try not to eat it  yourself, they are for your dogs. 3) The green on your Woofles is not mold!!

If you want to see more on our Woofles, check out Honolulu Magazine’s feature with Hawaii Doggie Bakery’s founder Jen Sarsuelo on baking Woofles: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HLEQthEMOtA.