Kuri Firefox is ready to hand out yellow ribbons at Cool Kailua Nights!

We heard about the dog-friendly Event, Cool Kailua Nights fairly last minute, and since we could not attend our regular Kailua Elementary Farmers’ Market, we decided to check this block party out!  Being that it was all coming together at the last minute we only realized the day before that we should maybe try to give away some yellow ribbons and spread the word about The Yellow Dog Project.  We reached out to the organizers and they introduced us to Krystal from Lei Woof, and she graciously offered not only to help us find doggie-friendly vendors to keep flyers/tear sheets at their booth, but to outfit doggie models from the dog fashion show with yellow ribbons and include flyers in the silent auction bags!  We were so happy, that was so nice of her and we were really excited to have the first biggest bit of exposure for The Yellow Dog Project.

I’m Kuri Firefox, and I approve this Event!

After the doggie fashion show, we got to spend some time looking around at the pawesome vendors, met up with some doggie friends and just had a really nice time!  We love dog-friendly Events, and Kailua is lucky to have so many of them.

For more photos we took from Cool Kailua Nights, check out our Official Taste Testers Facebook, Katsumi & Kuri Firefox.

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