If you’re following us on Facebook, you may have noticed our post a few weeks ago about The Yellow Dog Project.  What IS The Yellow Dog Project?    Basically, if you see a dog with a Yellow Ribbon, that means that dog needs space.

the yellow dog project

We feel so much more comfy with our yellow ribbons!

Simple, effective, we love it!  Especially because as much as we love our Official Taste Testers, Katsumi & Kuri Firefox, they don’t too much care for other dogs when they’re on leash.  I like to joke that they have a 6ft radius of personal space but…it’s pretty much true.  I tried out some yellow ribbons at this past weekend’s PetWalk and after explaining what was going on, everyone we talked to liked the idea and respected the girls’ radius.  As a result, I think they had a much more enjoyable experience, and I was able to converse with people (from the appropriate distance, of course) without worrying about the girls.

We are actively training with them, but it is a work in progress, and the more positive experiences they have on leash, the better they’ll be!

We bought a whole roll of yellow ribbon just to tie those little bits and of course we aren’t going to let that go to waste, so we came up with these tear sheets that were great for sharing ribbon AND spreading the word.  We’ll have these tear sheets available at all Farmers’ Markets we attend as well as any other special Events.

If you want to make your own, you can download the file by clicking this link:  The Yellow Dog Project – tear sheet.  Just print it out, cut the dotted lines and the bottom and attach some yellow ribbon to the end.

Even if your dog doesn’t need a yellow ribbon, please help spread the word so that other doggies can feel comfortable while walking on leash as well!

If you want to learn more about The Yellow Dog Project, you can visit their website: http://www.theyellowdogproject.com

Paw-halo for supporting!