Hawai`i Doggie Bakery, Hawaii’s original bakery for dogs proudly announces a NEW dog-friendly Garden for Dogs, to be celebrated with a Summer Garden Paw-ty!

Aided by their long-time friend, Val Yoshikane, owner of Leaf Creations and talented home-gardener with aspirations to take her skills pro after retirement, Hawaii Doggie Bakery set to work on researching herbs, fruits & vegetables and ornamental plants that are dog-friendly. “I was honored and excited to be invited to participate as I support her fresh products,” says Val “I enjoy sharing how eating fresh improves wellness and by eating a seasonal rainbow.”

Since its beginnings in 1998 as Hawaii’s original Bakery for dogs, Hawaii Doggie Bakery has prided itself on using fresh, local ingredients to make all their delicious treats. Next to their shop in the beautiful Manoa Valley is a largely unused patio surrounded by a white picket fence. “For years we have been trying to think of a good use for this area,” said Niki Libarios, Co-Owner. “I was baking in the kitchen and had my hands full of fresh steamed Okinawan Sweet Potato when it suddenly occurred to me…let’s build a dog-friendly garden!”

Hawaii Doggie Bakery’s Dog-friendly Garden is grown with all natural materials – no pesticides or chemicals that could be harmful to furry family members. The items in the garden will be switched out based on seasonal plants appropriate to the Manoa Valley climate. As of this posting, our Garden is still a work in progress. Keep checking back to see more photos as our Garden grows!

To kick off this addition to the Bakery, Hawaii Doggie Bakery is inviting all well-behaved, leashed dogs to a Summer Garden Paw-ty. Dogs and their humans can learn about fruits and vegetables that add nutritional value to their diet, as well as what ornamental plants are best to include in your own garden. Free treats will be provided to dogs who attend the Pa-wty. Garden-themed treats (Mango Mini Cakes, Paw Lickin’ Lasagna, Doggie Boba Drinks and more) toys and dog-friendly plants will be available for sale inside the shop.