We, Katsumi & Kuri Firefox, the Hawaii Doggie Bakery Official Taste Testers, have HACKED this website for a very important announcement…

Announcing our very EVIL PLAN to PUNISH the humans for making us miss Shiba Prom 2017!!! We were so upset that they had “too much going on” to help us participate this year, that we decided to punish the humans AND still have FUN raising FUNDS in the most Evil Firefox Way Possible…we have infiltrated their place of business, doctored their books and we have this announcement:

For the entire month of May, the humans will (under our Evil Shiba Mind Control) donate $1 for every bag of biscuits they sell!! That’s all biscuits in shop or online.

YES! We have outdone ourselves!! We are stealing our humans’ MONEY!!!

So please, help us raise money for Shiba Prom!!! Go to www.hawaiidoggiebakery.org/shop to see what biscuits qualify for Shiba Prom Fundraising. #stealthebiscuits has BEGUN!