This specialty cake started was an unusual request…”can you put my dogs toys on the cake?”  Toys?  Hrm…let’s see a photo..
Dog toys - totoro Doy Toys - lion and dog

Oh, that’s Totoro!  And a cute doggie and a lion.  Then the customer requested to put them in a Zoo or Safari-setting.

I thought about it for a few days…and decided I could do Totoro and the doggie toy for sure, but wasn’t sure about the lion.  I also decided to incorporate some palm tree biscuits like we did for our Beach Day themed cake for Chance and Weenie’s Birthday.

After some sketches and research, I came up with a design that I liked and the Zoo/Safari cake with 2 of Kiwi’s favorite toys was created:

Zoo and Safari Inspired cake-WM

Close up - totoro Close up -- dog toy

We’re so pleased with the way it turned out, and our customer was too!  She wrote us a thank you e-mail, which we very much appreciated.

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