4 of the lucky birthday doggies – Aiko, Mikie, Blazer & Azuki

The other month, my friend Mike asked us to bake a cake for his dog Mikie’s birthday.  Sure, no problem!  That is, until he told me that there were 6 dogs in the litter.  6 Dogs?!????  There is no way, I said to myself.  This guy is crazy!!  I have never done 6 names on a cake, I don’t even think it is possible.   But Mike had nothing by faith in my cake decorating abilities.  “I know you can do it,” he said.  Oh and one more thing, he said — we aren’t going to know if all 6 dogs are going to show up, so we’ll have to see how many dogs names to write on the cakes on that day.  Madness!  How can I work under such uncertainty?!

As crrazy as this request was, I gotta admit I do (eventually) like being asked to do things like this because once I figure it out, that just means I have another skill under my belt.  Don’t tell Mike, though — oh wait.

The birthday day arrived, I carefully prepared a sweet potato flavored doggie cake and only wrote, “Happy 2nd Birthday,” but with no names.  I packed up all my cake decorating supplies but just then — a stroke of genius!  I decided I would bring some of our bone shaped Kalua Chicken-n-Poi Munchies and write the names on the bones!  The bones could be placed in the cake vertically, which meant I could fit way more names on the cake.  Even 6! Genius!!

As luck would have it, by the time the cake portion of the paw-ty rolled around, there were only 4 names to put on the cake.  I wrote the names, stuck the bones on the cake, added a Sweet Potato Sweetheart for good luck, and voila!  A new Hawai`i Doggie Bakery cake design was born!

I know I’m biased, because I made the cake, but I do like it a lot.  What I like best is that each of the doggies could take off the biscuit with their name on it, and have a little special piece for themselves.  Plus a good photo opportunity for their humans!

So Mike (sigh), you were right — I was able to fit all the doggies names — and I could’ve very easily fit the whole 6 if I needed to!  Thank you for believing in me, and a Happy Belated Birthday to Mikie, Aiko, Blazer, Azuki and their litter mates!

If you are having a doggie paw-ty with multiple dog names, please feel free to request it in the comments of the check out section when you place your order.  Just mention this post, and we’ll know exactly what you mean!

For more photos of the paw-ty, check out below!