Ready for some treats?!


Trick or treat pups! We survived through the hot summer weather and finally made it to my favorite holiday… Halloween!!! Unfortuntely for my sweet little Shiba Bruce, Halloween is everyday at my house and he’s been practicing his outfits all year!  I’m sure if Bruce could talk he would beg me to post pictures of his favorite costumes. I thought I’d go ahead and share some of his favorites:

Jack O Lantern Bruce! The hat lasted approximately 30 seconds.. just enough time to snap this picture.


Bruce the pretty ballerina! Boys are ballerinas too!!


Bruce the Giants Fan! (Sorry other football fans)


Bruce the accountant. So smart!

Bruce the sheep! He’s a handsome Sheepbahhhhh Inu


Now I know I’m not the only crazy dog dressing parent out there. There’s got to be other people like me out there. So in honor of Halloween, my sister and I decided to reward any dog lover with a “treat” if they show us a “trick”.

Post on our Facebook page a picture or video of your dog in your Halloween costume doing any kind of trick (sitting counts!!), and you’ll get a free HDB goodie bag!! (Sorry this offer is only avaliable for pick up at our Farmers Markets or special events only)


In addition to our treat goodie bags, we will have lots of other fun treats for your pup this Halloween! Here’s a sneak preview of what we’ll have coming!


Sweet Potato Muffins with honey bat toppers!


Hocus Pocus Hound Dog Hats (Chicken-n-Poi Flavored)


Meow-lo-ween Fish and Poi Pup Treats!


Don’t forget you can preorder any of our treats on our store and pick them up at any location we’re selling at!!

In addition to our usual farmers market, don’t forget we’ll be at:

Season’s Best Craft Fair
October 26 – 28
Neil Blaisdell Exhibition Hall


Celebrate Kaimuki Kanikapila
6th Annual Craft Fair & Street Festival
Saturday, November 3
**dog friendly!**

Keep checking our website for more details!!


Have a safe and Happy Howl-O-Ween!