I’ve always been somewhat of a crafter; to me it’s so much fun to make something cute and personalize it to be uniquely yours.  For a few years, I made people their Holiday gifts, but then I realized that most people don’t really appreciate a wooden hand painted bunny playing soccer keyholder.  Not every year, anyway, hehe.  Now I only do it every once in awhile and when the mood and inspiration strikes me.

I had just gotten into my newest obsession, Pinterest — which by the way is an insane way to lose track of time — when I ran across this post on DIY toilet paper crowns for kids.  I couldn’t read any of it (I think it’s German?) but I got the basic gist.  As I read the post, I thought, “man this would look super adorable on the girls.”  So I saved up my next toilet paper roll to make doggie crowns.

Items you’ll need:

– Toilet Paper Roll
– Thin elastic
– Spray Paint or paint (your choice of color)
– Paint Pens
– Scissors
– Exacto Knife

First, cut the toilet paper roll in half, cutting in a zig zag pattern.

On either side of the crown, cut a tiny “x” with your exacto knife.  This is where you’re going to thread your elastic through later.  Try not to make it too big, or the elastic will pull through.


Next I used spray paint to paint the crowns yellow.  I went back and forth in 3 layers because the first layer or paint still showed the brown of the toilet paper.  Let dry.

After the crowns dried, I wrote the girls’ names using paint pens.  If you like, you can add rhinestones or glitter.  Get creative!  I was only semi-creative this time and only put their names.

When you’ve decorated to your heart’s content, thread one side of the elastic from the outside of the crown to the inside.  Tie two knots so that the elastic can’t slip through.

After that, you need your dog!  Size the elastic to their head so that it’s snug enough that it won’t fall off, but not too tight so they’re uncomfortable.  Don’t forget to leave a little extra at the end for the knot.  Cut the elastic.  Then thread the end of elastic through both sides of the crown, and tie two knots on the inside of the toilet paper roll.

Katsumi & Kuri Firefox…”Blue Steel” Princess poses




Then your crowns are done!  Now comes the hard part — putting crowns on the dogs.  Unless your doggie is used to wearing things on their heads, it’s probably going to be an adventure putting it on.  I don’t know if there’s a particular technique that’s better than the other.  I like to let the girls smell the crown first…then put it on as fast as possible then tell them sternly to “stay.”  For me it (kinda) works, but I’m sure there’s a better way to do this.  If you have one, please share in the comments below!

Hope you like this DIY tutorial!

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