Poi is a staple that not a lot of people outside of Hawaii understand.  When I lived on the mainland someone once asked me if poi was a fish (true story). I grew up with my Tutu feeding me poi and I hated it. I thought it was the most disgusting mushy bland soupy like thing I ever tasted.  Everyday my Tutu would put a bowl of poi in front of me and I would sit at the table and cry.  But after a couple years, one day I woke up and found myself oddly craving poi.  After that day I was hooked.  Now I gotta get my fix of poi as much as I can.

When my sister and I first began with Hawaii Doggie Bakery, we did a lot of research on the different ingredients we put in our items.  We are so lucky that Hawaii has some of the freshest and healthiest ingredients in the world.  Together, we decided that as we began to learn more about some of our ingredients, we would share our findings with our Hawaii Doggie Bakery Ohana!  Here’s what we came up with: