Aloha Hawai’i Doggie Bakery Fans!  We wanted to give a special thanks to everyone for being very supportive and patient as my sister and I continue to grow our version of Hawaii Doggie Bakery. Everything is starting to come into order and it’s amazing to see Hawai’i Doggie Bakery grow into a really fun exciting new venture in our lives.

We’ve been getting a whole bunch of requests to ship to the mainland and abroad, and we’re working on it! I know a lot of our mainland furry friends are dying to get their paws on some of our yummy treats and we hope to get it to them soon. In the meantime we have a solution for you… biscuit mixes!!

I know a lot of you are thinking… I’m not a doggie biscuit baker!! Don’t worry! Before Hawai’i Doggie Bakery, I cooked amazing fried rice, but no doggie biscuits!  However, with the right ingredients (and we took care of 3/4ths of it!) and some TLC, you’d be pleasantly surprised how easy it is to make biscuits for your dogs! Mixes make the best gifts to your friends on the mainland because we were able to add dehydrated poi, so your friends afar can still enjoy the positive health benefits from Hawaiian goods.

Another great thing about our biscuit mix is.. you can be as creative as you want!!  Go wild on those shapes! The possibilities are endless. You can also add any type of base ingredient that you know your dog enjoys. With these mixes we usually add tuna, chicken, or Okinawan Sweet Potato… but you could do anything!

If I haven’t convinced you yet to put on that baking apron, we decided to help you out by making a video how to bake step by step. Can’t be any easier than that!

As a special incentive, we would like to offer our fans a 25% discount on our mixes.  This offer will be available for pick up this Saturday (March 24th) at Hawaii Kai only!  We hope that you can enjoy baking for your dogs as much as we  have these past couple months.