Hi Everyone!  We’ve really been enjoying meeting some of you at the Hawaii Kai Farmers Market on Saturdays, and what cute visitors we’ve had!   We know a whole lot more of you haven’t been able to make it out to this location so we wanted to update everyone on how our quest to join more Farmers’ Markets is going.  Unfortunately, we are on the waitlist for a lot of places.  We’ve mostly been told there isn’t enough room, or that there is already a dog treat booth, and we cannot compete!  :-/

So just to keep everyone up to date, here’s the list and status of places so far:

Hawaii Kai Farmers’ Market                We’re in!  Visit us every Sat from 9am-1pm
KCC Farmers’ Market                              Waitlisted
Blaisdell Farmers’ Market                      Waitlisted
Ala Moana Farmers’ Market                  Already a Dog Treat Booth there
Manoa Farmers’ Market                         Already a Dog Treat Booth there
Kailua Farmers’ Market (Thursday)    Waitlisted
Maikiki Farmers’ Market                        Waitlisted
Windward Mall Farmers’ Market         Not accepted

We are however, excited to announce that if all goes well, we will be starting at the new Farmers’ Market at Kailua Elementary on Saturdays from 4pm-8pm!  Hopefully we will be there in the beginning of April.  Thanks for hanging in there with us, folks!  Hope to see you soon!

Bruce the Shiba at the Hawaii Kai Farmer's Market