Poi Dog Pretzels


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Set of 3

Our original doggie treat featuring natural cheddar cheese, these doggie pretzels are a barkin’ good treat for any dog!  Made with poi, honey, cheddar cheese and flour.

Lasts 2-3 days unrefrigerated | 2 weeks refrigerated | 4-6 months frozen


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    Mommy & Daddy give me a treat after I go outside & pidlde. Sometimes I stand at the door and act like I need to pidlde, and they let me out, and then I just run out to the yard and right back again without doing anything. And they usually give me a treat anyway!! I don’t know if they figured out that I’m just faking so I can get an extra treat I hope not, because I love my doggie treats!

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    My dogs are crazy about these treats…even the picky poodle! (she doesn’t usually like any dog treats). Excellent product. I’m buying more!

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