PRE-ORDER – New Year’s Good Luck Doggie “Mochi”


Available for pick up December 27th to December 31 ONLY.  

Last day to pre-order is December 26, and we are doing pre-orders ONLY for this special product.  Mochi must be refrigerated to enjoy on New Year’s Day!

Product Description

Available for pickup Wednesday, December 27 through Sunday, December 31 only!!

Traditionally, KAGAMI Mochi (literally meaning “mirror” rick caes) is displayed during the New Year.  Originating in the Muromachi Period (14th-16th Century), the two round mochi come in two sizes to represent both the years that have gone by and the years that are still to come.  The two mochi are stacked (larger on the bottom) and a Japanese tangerine “daidai” is placed on the top.  It is said that in Japan, KAGAMI Mochi is placed in the home on or about December 31st and displayed until January 1st for good luck.

In Hawaii, many families continue this tradition to ward off evil spirits and to ensure good luck and prosperity in the New Year.  KAGAMI Mochi, therefore has become a local tradition that people of many ethnicities embrace as a sign of the New Year.

Here at Hawai`i Doggie Bakery, we believe that our pets are important members of our family and we include them in our New Year’s tradition by making a similar “Doggie Mochi” available only once a year for our faithful furry friends!  This tradition has been part of Hawai`i Doggie Bakery’s holiday specialties for sixteen years now!

The two “mochi”  are made with flour, honey, fresh poi, water and lean beef.   The “daidai” or tangerine is also a doggie treat made with flour, honey, fresh poi, water and orange food coloring.  The good luck paper should be displayed underneath the biscuits and are designed especially for Hawai`i Doggie Bakery each year.  We wish you and your dog(s) a healthy, happy and tail waggin’ New Year!

(Please do not allow your dog to consume the plastic tangerine leaf or the good luck paper that is included).