Doggie Bento


A Hawaii Doggie Bakery classic! Each piece is hand-shaped and filled with a different taste…just like human dim sum!

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A full set of our Doggie Bento items! See below for details.

Lasts 2-3 days unrefrigerated | 2 weeks refrigerated | 4-6 months frozen


Malu’s Mini Manapuas Made with lean beef, our popular biscuit looks like the local favorite we all grew up eating but this one is healthy and made just for your dog!
 Doggie Dim Sum Hand made little biscuit dumplings are a favorite treat made with lean chicken!
 Rocky’s Tail Waggin’ Wontons Our little biscuits are hand rolled and folded into the shape of a Chinese Wonton. We fill this treat with tuna fish and Okinawan sweet potato! Woof!Why is this treat named Rocky’s Tail Waggin’ Wontons?  Click here for the story of how a dog named Rocky touched our hearts!
 Begg Rolls Dogs beg for our Begg Roll (not “egg roll”) made with spinach & lean chicken.
Hound Dog Halfmoons Made to look like the Chinese delicacy we grew up eating in Hawai‘i, these doggie treats are baked with lean beef.