Looking for the Hawaii Dog Events Calendar?


Join us every Wednesday as we broadcast LIVE! 3PM HST from Facebook, and 3:30PM from Instagram.

Coming up on May 2: How to make the most of Hawaii Pet Expo. Plus announcing our 20th Anniversary Promos and Freebies!

May 9: Hawaii Pet Expo Preview – a SMORGASBORG of Taste Testing for Katsumi & Kuri Firefox!

Join us at the Hawaii Pet Expo


The Hawaii Pet Expo is without a doubt the biggest and most exciting Pet Event of the whole year! Every year, this is the ONLY event where we bring out our ENTIRE MENU – this includes all our Daily Specials as well as rotating specials. Here’s what you’ll find at our booth for 2018:

We are also so thrilled to announce that we’re going to be kicking off our 20th Anniversary Celebration at the Hawaii Pet Expo!

Promotions, specials and all the paw-ty festivities to be
announced on Facebook and Instagram
on Wednesday, May 2!

Other Upcoming Pop Ups

August 17 – 19: 24th Annual Made in Hawaii Festival